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Deutz / Hurlimann / Lamborghini / SAME LED Headlight Pair - Road Legal

Deutz / Hurlimann / Lamborghini / SAME LED Headlight Pair - Road Legal

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This Deutz LED Headlight Pair is a perfect upgrade to your vehicle. With LED technology, you can enjoy brighter and safer illumination on the road. Light up your work and journey, and drive with confidence.

A Pair of Road Legal LED Headlights 

High Beam - 60W, Low Beam 30W, Daylight Running Lamp 12W

NO radio interference

5 3/4" x 3 1/4",  146 x 83 x 79mm

Mounting centres 88mm

Stainless Steel fitting screws and springs included

Fitted with three pin H4 connector to fit existing socket on tractor

Low power consumption, easier on wiring, fuses, battery, alternator and diesel

Three times brighter than halogen bulb

9 to 32 Volt DC, IP68, CE, RoHS


Price is for two headlights with VAT included

OEM RE.34400.02 


Compatible with:

Deutz Tractor
Series 7 TTV
7210 TTV,
Series Agroclimber COM3
Agroclimber 310 V C-N-M-L, Agroclimber 410, Agroclimber 410F,
Series Agrofarm
Agrofarm 85, Agrofarm 85 Ecoline, Agrofarm 100, Agrofarm 100 Ecoline,
Series Agrofarm COM3
Agrofarm 410, Agrofarm 420, Agrofarm 420 Profiline, Agrofarm 420TTV,
Agrofarm 430, Agrofarm 430 Profiline, Agrofarm 430TTV,
Series Agrofarm T-TB COM3
Agrofarm 410T, Agrofarm 410TB, Agrofarm 420T, Agrofarm 420TB,
Series Agrolux
Agrolux 4.75E, Agrolux 45E, Agrolux 50, Agrolux 50E, Agrolux 60,
Agrolux 60E, Agrolux 65, Agrolux 70, Agrolux 70E, Agrolux 75,
Agrolux 80, Agrolux 90, Agrolux 95, Agrolux 100,
Series Agrolux COM3
Agrolux 310, Agrolux 320, Agrolux 320P,
Series Agroplus COM3
Agroplus 310, Agroplus 310 Ecoline, Agroplus 315 Ecoline,
Agroplus 320, Agroplus 320 Ecoline, Agroplus 410,
Agroplus 410 Ecoline, Agroplus 420 Profiline,
Series Agroplus F COM3
Agroplus 320F, Agroplus 410F, Agroplus 420F,
Series Agroplus F Ecoline
Agroplus 310F Ecoline, Agroplus 315F Ecoline, Agroplus 320F Ecoline,
Agroplus 405F Ecoline, Agroplus 410F Ecoline, Agroplus 420F Ecoline,
Series Agroplus S COM3
Agroplus 320S, Agroplus 410S, Agroplus 420S,
Series Agroplus V COM3
Agroplus 320V, Agroplus 410V, Agroplus 420V,
Series Agrotron
Agrotron 108, Agrotron 118, Agrotron 120, Agrotron 128,
Agrotron 130, Agrotron 140, Agrotron 150, Agrotron 155,
Agrotron 165, Agrotron 215, Agrotron 265,
Series Agrotron K
Agrotron K90, Agrotron K90 Profiline, Agrotron K100,
Agrotron K100 Profiline, Agrotron K110, Agrotron K110 Profiline,
Agrotron K120, Agrotron K120 Profiline,
Series Agrotron K COM3
Agrotron K410, Agrotron K420, Agrotron K420 Profiline, Agrotron K430,
Agrotron K430 Profiline, Agrotron K610, Agrotron K610 Profiline,
Series Agrotron L
Agrotron L710, Agrotron L720,
Series Agrotron M
Agrotron M600, Agrotron M610, Agrotron M610 Profiline,
Agrotron M620, Agrotron M620 Profiline, Agrotron M640,
Agrotron M640 Profiline, Agrotron M650, Agrotron M650 Profiline,
Series Agrotron New
Agrotron 150.7, Agrotron 165.7, Agrotron Profiline Agrotron 120,
Agrotron 130, Agrotron 150, Agrotron 150.7, Agrotron 165.7,
Agrotron 180.7,
Series Agrotron TTV
Agrotron TTV1130, Agrotron TTV1145, Agrotron TTV1160,
Series Agrotron TTV COM3
Agrotron TTV 610, Agrotron TTV 620, Agrotron TTV 630,
Series Agrotron X
Agrotron X710, Agrotron X720,

Hurlimann Tractor
Series Joker
Joker 50E, Joker 60E, Joker 70E, Joker 75.4, Joker 75.4E,
Series Joker COM3
Joker 65, Joker 75,
Series XA COM3
XA60, XA70, XA80, XA90, XA100 Hi-Level,
Series XA Tradition COM3
XA60 Tradition, XA70 Tradition, XA80 Tradition, XA90 Tradition,
Series XB Max
XB Max 100, XB Max 100 Tradition, XB Max 85, XB Max 85 Tradition,
Series XB Max COM3
XB Max 85, XB Max 100, XB Max 110,
Series XB T-TB COM3
XB85T, XB85TB, XB90T, XB100T, XB100TB, XB105T,
Series XF COM3
XF80, XF90, XF100,
Series XF Tradition
XF100 Tradition, XF60 Tradition, XF70 Tradition,
XF80 Tradition, XF80.4 Tradition, XF90 Tradition,
Series XL
XL130, XL150, XL150.7, XL165.7,
Series XL COM3
XL130 DCR, XL140 DCR, XL160 DCR, XL175 DCR, XL185 DCR,
Series XL Hi-Level
XL130 Hi-Level, XL150 Hi-Level, XL150.7 Hi-Level,
XL165.7 Hi-Level, XL180.7 Hi-Level,
Series XL Hi-Level COM3
XL140 Hi-Level DCR, XL160 Hi-Level DCR, XL175 Hi-Level DCR,
XL185 Hi-Level DCR, Series XM XM90, XM100, XM110, XM120,
Series XM COM3
XM100, XM110, XM115 DCR, XM125 DCR,
Series XM HI-Level
XM100 HI-Level, XM110 HI-Level, XM120 HI-Level, XM90 HI-Level,
Series XM Hi-Level COM3
XM110 Hi-Level, XM115 Hi-Level DCR, XM125 Hi-Level DCR,
Series XS COM3
XS100, XS80, XS90,
Series XT COM3
XT100, XT110,
Series XV COM3
XV80, XV90, XV100,

Lamborghini Tractor
Series C
C100, C110,
Series CF
CF90, CF100,
Series CV
Series Crono COM3
Crono 65, Crono 75, Crono 75P,
Series R2 COM3
R2.100 Hi-Profile, R2.60, R2.60 Target, R2.70, R2.70 Target,
R2.80, R2.80 Target, R2.90, R2.90 Target,
Series R3
R3.80, R3.85, R3.90, R3.95, R3.100,
Series R3 Evo
R3 Evo 100, R3 Evo 100 Target, R3 Evo 85, R3 Evo 85 Target,
Series R3 Evo COM3
R3 Evo 100, R3 Evo 110, R3 Evo 85,
Series R3 T-TB COM3
R3.100T, R3.100TB, R3.105T, R3.85T, R3.85TB, R3.90T,
Series R4 COM3
R4.100, R4.100 VRT, R4.110, R4.110 VRT,
Series R6
R6.100, R6.100, R6.110, R6.110, R6.120, R6.130, R6.130S,
R6.140S, R6.150, R6.150.7, R6.150S, R6.165, R6.165.7,
Series R6 COM3
R6.115 DCR, R6.125 DCR, R6.130 DCR,
R6.160 DCR, R6.175 DCR, R6.185 DCR,
Series R6 Hi-Profile
R6.100 Hi-Profile, R6.110 Hi-Profile, R6.120 Hi-Profile,
R6.130 Hi-Profile, R6.150 Hi-Profile, R6.150.7 Hi-Profile,
R6.165.7 Hi-Profile, R6.180.7 Hi-Profile,
Series R6 Hi-Profile DCR COM 3
R6.110 Hi-Profile, R6.115 Hi-Profile DCR, R6.125 Hi-Profile DCR,
R6.140 Hi-Profile DCR, R6.160 Hi-Profile DCR, R6.175 Hi-Profile DCR,
R6.185 Hi-Profile DCR, Series R6 VRT R6.150.7 VRT, R6.165.7 VRT,
Series R6 VRT COM 3
R6.150 DCR VRT, R6.170 DCR VRT, R6.190 DCR VRT,
Series R7 COM3
R7.190 DCR, R7.210
Series R8
R8.215, R8.230 DCR, R8.265, R8.270 DCR,
Series RF COM3
RF80, RF90, RF100,
Series RF
Target RF100 Target, RF60 Target, RF70 Target,
RF80 Target, RF90 Target,
Series RS COM3
RS80, RS90, RS90.3, RS100,
Series RV COM3
RV80, RV90, RV100,
Series Rekord
Rekord 50E, Rekord 60, Rekord 60E, Rekord 70,
Rekord 70E, Rekord 75.4, Rekord 75.4E,
Series Rekord COM3
Rekord 65, Rekord 75,

Same Tractor
Series Diamond
Diamond 215, Diamond 230, Diamond 265, Diamond 270,
Series Iron
Iron 100, Iron 110, Iron 120, Iron 130, Iron 130S, Iron 140S,
Iron 150, Iron 150.7, Iron 155S, Iron 165.7, Iron 165S,
Series Iron Continuo COM3
Iron 115 DCR Continuo, Iron 125 DCR Continuo,
Iron 135 DCR Continuo, Iron 150 DCR Continuo,
Iron 170 DCR Continuo, Iron 190 DCR Continuo,
Series Iron COM3
Iron 115 DCR, Iron 125 DCR, Iron 130 DCR, Iron 140 DCR,
Iron 155 DCR, Iron 160 DCR, Iron 175 DCR, Iron 185 DCR,
Series Iron Continuo
Iron 150.7 Continuo, Iron 165.7 Continuo,
Series Iron HI-Line
Iron 100 HI-Line, Iron 110 HI-Line, Iron 120 HI-Line,
Iron 130 HI-Line, Iron 150 HI-Line, Iron 150.7 HI-Line,
Iron 165.7 HI-Line, Iron 180.7 HI-Line,
Series Iron HI-Line DCR COM 3
Iron 135 Hi-Line DCR, Iron 140 HI-Line DCR, Iron 155 Hi-Line DCR,
Iron 160 HI-Line DCR, Iron 175 HI-Line DCR, Iron 185 HI-Line DCR,
Series Iron3 COM3
Iron3 190 DCR, Iron3 210 DCR,
Series Tiger
Tiger 50,



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